Summer's Bill for Mac


Mac's Mission Statement

The Mac Flynn-Miller Foundation is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt ID 73-1694738, formed to financially assist families whom have lost their children to pediatric cancer, by helping conduct celebrations of life and/or funerals. Mac Flynn-Miller Foundation is established in the fond memory of “Mac”, who succumbed on what was to be “the day of his discharge” from a leukemia related complication, during medical treatment, at the tender age of 10. Mac lived an inspirational life, albeit a short one, fought his leukemia condition bravely, spread the magic of joy, love, hope and grace all around, and lived his life full, without giving in to despair.

A high-risk life threatening illness like pediatric cancer to children has a devastating effect on the entire family. More over, pediatric cancer imposes heavy economic burdens on the parents and their families, and can deplete their life savings in no time. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and procedures like bone marrow transplants are phenomenally expensive and may not always be available locally. Apart from having to cope with the physical, medical and psychosocial challenges, the families also go through the added anguish and trauma triggered by the thoughts of the financial catastrophe in waiting. Importantly, despite all the hardships, not all the families are fortunate enough to save the lives of their precious children.

Mac Flynn-Miller Foundation is committed to offer a new beacon of hope to the families in all possible ways. The assistance programs are equally open to families of every child diagnosed with pediatric cancer, and will be offered without any distinction of religion, creed, community, race, language or ethnicity.

The major ongoing financial assistance programs of Mac Flynn-Miller Foundation include:

Celebrations of life and/or funerals - The major activity of the organization is to offer emotional and financial support to bereaving families whom have lost their children to pediatric cancer. The organization shall bear the expenses for conducting celebrations of life and/or funerals. The assistance is intended to cover the expenses involved at actual cost, subject to a maximum limit per family.

Mac A Wish - The efforts of the organization shall always be directed towards making the children diagnosed with pediatric cancer feel less isolated and distressed, to improve the quality of their lives, and alleviate the emotions of fear and trepidation associated with pediatric cancer diagnoses. The organization provides financial assistance to the families to make the wishes of terminally ill pediatric patients come true.

The organization will be in regular touch with different children’s cancer care centers and communication organizations working with children diagnosed with pediatric cancer. The organization shall upon its own initiative, approach the families with aid and support, rather than wait for people to approach the organization for help. Families, doctors, social workers and community members can bring cases to the foundations attention. Mac Flynn-Miller Foundation shall maintain separate records for every family awarded financial assistance, with all the relevant personal, family and medical information.

The ongoing and future activities of the organization is designed to provide emotional support, information, and practical help to pediatric cancer patients, without compromising the primary focus of offering financial assistance to those in need.

Mac’s House - Mac Flynn Miler Foundation has already started earnest efforts to start a residential respice center for terminally ill pediatric cancer patients called, “Mac’s House”. The house will be designed to be the ultimate comfort home for critically ill cancer patients. The emphasis will be to not let frustration, despair, and uncertainty have a devastating effect on these young lives and help them live their limited lives in total joy, comfort and fullness. The services of Mac’s House will be offered totally free. The organization plans to have Mac’s House fully operational by the first quarter of 2007.

Other key future activities would also encompass the following:

To build a network of support groups, socials workers, counselors, members of the clergy, cancer survivors, doctors, nurses, dieticians, physical, occupational, clinical psychologists, teachers/tutors and volunteers.

All of the activities and programs of the organization shall be based on donations and grants from individuals and organizations. Mac Flynn-Miller Foundation intends to continue to develop its’ website so that it would play a key role in the marketing initiatives. The initial marketing shall be mainly through word of mouth publicity and free local advertising avenues. The organization shall use a proper mix of mailer’s, internet, local radio, newspaper, and magazine advertising in the future to build awareness about the foundation and raise funds, depending upon the availability of funds.

Dorothy Sue Flynn, President/director of the foundation shall be in charge of the planning, execution and review of all the major activities. The organization will distribute its energies in the following manner:

  • Identification, selection and delivery of financial assistance to families with pediatric cancer patients - 40%
  • Fundraising activities and grant applications - 35%
  • Development of website and official correspondence - 15%
  • Planning and initial tasks toward establishing Mac’s House - 10%